YES integrates all HR processes through a SECURE single database and One Source Service for a convenient one-stop-shop for all HR needs. With YES, you get data security and simplicity for payroll, HR management, benefits administration, and benefits brokerage services with exceptional products at competitive prices...

so you can sleep well at night.

YES is a true one-stop shop for all payroll, HR, and benefits functions.


Value Proposition

YES seamlessly integrates payroll and benefits through best-of-breed technology
and One Source Service.

  • YES’ secure one source database for payroll, HR, and benefits administration helps you to reduce the risk of a database breach and meet your fiduciary responsibilities.

  • A cornerstone of our core values is to provide the very best services to both the EMPLOYER and their EMPLOYEES.

  • We are your advocate to secure exceptional benefits at competitive prices.

  • Our service includes monthly benefits invoice reconciliation, benefits compliance with

10 Reasons to Say YES


1. One-Stop Shop for All Payroll and Benefit/HR Functions

YES’ single source database combined with our One Source Service brings the ultimate simplicity to compliance and other HR tasks required by government agencies.


2. Secure Database

Keeping your data secure is a top priority for YES. And for our customers, preventing cyber crime it is a fiduciary responsibility. YES protects employee data with a multi-layered security system with SSAE-16 certified data centers.


3. Personal Identity Protection

Identity theft is a serious problem. YES has the solution. With YES, you can offer your employees Identity Guard, the best identity theft protection service and the first to partner with IBM® Watson™, the most advanced protection available.


4. Uncommon Customer Service for EMPLOYERS

YES assigns a dedicated service representative to each client (with no impersonal call center). Think of this dedicated representative as an augmented staff member to your HR department.


5. Uncommon Customer Service for EMPLOYEES

YES provides high-touch multi-lingual services to your employees. We individually contact each employee to become their single resource for all benefit related issues, which includes additional cost savings associated with telemedicine services.


6. Exceptional Benefits at Competitive Rates

Our clients get better benefits at better rates because our technology allows us to group your employees with other firms to maximize premium volume discounts.


7. Clean Data and Clean Reports

Our data is clean and our reports are accurate, which eliminates the time-consuming tasks associated with data reconciliation and chasing information from multiple vendors.


8. You Own Your Data

Our clients have complete control of employee data. System updates are automatic and always current, which eliminates system updates that result in additional fees with legacy systems.


9. No Surprise Fees at Month End

Our data is clean and our reports are clean with no extra fees.


10. Benefits Compliance and Indemnification

Our technology assures data integrity with benefits compliance, and helps eliminate fines and penalties. YES goes one step further providing benefits compliance indemnification to our employer clients.